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Affiliate Commission Thieves and
Link Bypassing May Be Costing You
As Much As 95% of Your Commissions

If the staggering percentage in the headline above didn't make you shake your head in disbelief, I don't know what will...

Chances are, you don't even realize it's happening until it's too late.

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The sad truth is that there are people out there that will actually edit your link to enter their own affiliate ID and make a quick buck back on their purchase. There is even software out there produced by large companies that will strip your affiliate code and enter the company's during a consumer purchase! This practice, termed "hijacking", happens every day and though highly dishonest and sad in the eyes of you and I, it is entirely legal.

If you'll indulge me just five minutes of your time, I'm going to explain how YOU can avoid being ripped off by affiliate theft artists.

Affiliate Hijacking

Affiliate Hijacking is when someone changes one of your Affiliate Links with their own. Let us say that you are an Affiliate for Clickbank's "Get Google Ads Free" and your Affiliate link is, the hijacker who is a thief has the Clickbank Affiliate ID "superthief" and changes your Affiliate link to and he makes the money.

The bottom line is that you don't get your commissions that you have earned through hard work doing marketing and promotion.


Bypassing is when someone "strips" of your Affiliate ID because they don't think you deserve the money or because they feel uncomfortable with all the ? and & that an Affiliate Link often consist of. So when they see your Affiliate link: they will use the link and you will not get paid again.

This is unacceptable for serious Internet Marketers like you and me, and we need a solution.

"Ugly" and "Unprofessional" Affiliate Links

This is another BIG problem for Internet Marketers like you and me, we sign up for an Affiliate Program and then they give us insane links to promote, i.e.

This simply does not look professional, a professional link would look something like this:!likes/BloggingPro

This is a much more professional alternative, and it is Search Engine Friendly

So... How can you solve these problems?

The Solution - !


skaDoogle Link Cloaker is the easiest and best solution available on the market today. It is easy to use and includes extra bonus features that no other Affiliate Link Cloaker has. Let me explain:

1. Get professional looking links

With skaDoogle Link Cloaker you can create professional looking links for all of your Affiliate Programs, your links can look something like:!likes/NichePLR

There are other Affiliate Link Cloaker's on the market giving you almost the same, but they are different from skaDoogle Link Cloaker. With most solutions you need to have MySQL installed and you must install the script on your server including installation of MySQL databases and other features. This is not the case with skaDoogle Link Cloaker.

Using skaDoogle Link Cloaker is easier then any other solution.




But Wait I'm Not Done! skaDoogle Cloak Solves Even More Problems You Didn't Even Know You Had!

Have you ever stumbled upon the worst sales letter in the world and wondered how they can possibly sell anything? You decide for some magical reason to buy the product anyway... You had heard about it from a friend or family member... Heck, even saw an positive review online.

Bow you have a product with a really bad sales letter. You own a product that's actually good...

You feel the product was good enough to market and now you would like to sell it as an affiliate.

Knowing that when you recommend it to someone, people will feel the value they get from ordering.

BUT... because the actual sales letter is so bad you say "no" to promoting it. The sales letter just won't convert...

"With skaDoogle Link Cloaker you can create your own sales letter and send the visitor straight to the order page instead!"

Inside you will discover the script and template to "copy/paste" the code in order to solve this problem once and for all... easily in just 15 minutes or less!!

I know the feeling of knowing that a product is GREAT and the sales letter sucks, you know it can't possibly convert...

Now, if you suffer from this confusing problem skaDoogle Cloak solves your problems easily and almost instantly with the most powerful cloak of all time that literally sends your visitors straight to the order page...

The sales process simulates the real order process as if it was made from the real sales letter.

But in REALITY the sale is made through YOUR affiliate link and your website, on your domain. Oh, and best of all, it's 100% cloaked and free from suspicions!

What I am talking about is not an "order page" It's the page to the actual payment processor!


Promoting the Old Fashion Way... you get one chance at turning a prospect into a buyer for one product and have to hope they aren't going to edit your link and cost you the commission that is rightfully yours.

Promoting with ... every visitor to your website could become an immediate buyer of your primary product, a viral list building partner to you in skaDoogle, and earns you more advertising exposure across the internet- all for just advertising your primary product!

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