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Once a customer signs up for a Free skaDoogle Membership, they are your Affiliate for Life!

It doesn't matter when they upgrade... YOU will get the commissions.

It doesn't matter when YOU upgrade... whenever you do, YOU will start earning from all of the product clicks on EVERY Free and Silver skaDoogle affiliate AND their Niche100 sales.

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Ultimate Member Affiliate Earnings Example

Here is a simple conservative example to show you the potential of the 3-tier viral marketing strategy of skaDoogle when you upgrade to an Ultimate membership.

Let's say you promote skaDoogle and directly get just 15 new affiliates. Now each one of the 15 also recruits just 3 affiliates. These 45 (15 x 3) new affiliates are your Tier-2 Affiliates

So now you have 15 direct affiliates and 45 Tier-2 affiliates. If each of the 45 Tier-2 affiliates sign-up only 2 new skaDoogle members you would now have 90 (45 x 2) Tier-3 Affiliates

Now, let's be conservative and say that each of your 150 affiliates only gets 10 product clicks a day from their sites using skaDoogle, so that would be 1,500 product clicks every day.

As an Ultimate member, your affiliate id is substituted in up to 30% of those clicks. 30% x 1,500 = 450 times every day your affiliate id is used on clicks from your affiliates' sites.

If only 1% of those turn into sales, you would average 4.5 sales per day from Clickbank or PayDotCom that are each paying you up to 75% commissions. But let's be even more conservative and say you only get 2 sales per day from those clicks.

In the above scenario, if the average price per product sold is just $29.00 and average commissions is 60%, you would earn

$1,044 in extra passive income per month

and all you did was tell 15 people about the awesome suite of skaDoogle Tools to help them earn more money!

But that's Not All...
You Can Earn Even More with Niche100 sales.

Every month, skaDoogle affiliates can sell 2 new Niche100 products and earn 100% commissions.

Free members get 100% on every other sale. 100% of the commissions on their 1st sale and every other sale goes directly to you, their Ultimate sponsor!

Silver members get 100% of 3 on every 4 sales. 100% of the commissions on their 1st sale and every 4th sale after that goes directly to you, their Ultimate sponsor!

For this example we will say that 10 of your 15 direct affiliates are Free members, 3 are Silver members, 1 is a Gold member and 1 is an Ultimate member.

If each of your 10 Free members gets just 3 Niche100 sales for each product, that would be: 10 members x 3 sales x 2 products = 60 Niche100 sales monthly. In this scenario, you would get 100% commissions on the 1st and 3rd sale, or 40 of the 60 Niche100 sales generated by your Free members.

Now let's say your 3 Silver members are a little better affiliate marketers, but still relatively newbies, and average only 5 Niche100 sales for each product. 3 members x 5 sales x 2 products = 30 Niche100 sales monthly. You get 100% commissions on the 1st and 5th sale, or 12 of the 30 Niche100 sales generated by your Silver members.

Gold and Ultimate members get 100% of ALL their own Niche100 sales, so you would not earn any commissions from your Gold or Ultimate affiliate, but you would earn 60% commissions on the monthly skaDoogle membership fees. That amounts to $17.40 monthly for your Gold member and $29.40 for your Ultimate member for a total of 46.80 per month

Combine your membership commissions with an average price of $17 for each Niche100 product sold and you would earn:

$1,044 per month from sales on Affiliate Product Clicks
$680 per month from Free member Niche100 sales
$204 monthly from Silver member Niche100 sales
$47 monthly from skaDoogle membership commissions

Total: $1,975.00 every month!

Wow! $1975 every month of passive residual income for recruiting just 15 skaDoogle members!

That doesn't even include income from the skaDoogle product clicks on your own websites and blogs, OR 100% commissions on your own Niche100 sales.

Sample Promotional Materials

Here is just a sampling of promotional materials available for members


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