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1) High Payout High Traffic Site 50 On Subs And Renewals

Practical Knife Defense And Practical Knife Fighting Video Training Presented By Tom Sotis World Renowned Authority Who Has Taught 1000s Of People In Over 700 Hands on Workshops In More Than 20 Countries Http combativestraining com affiliates

2) Submissions 101 -237 Jiu Jitsu Videos - Top Seller.

Affiliates - www. Submissions101direct. com/affiliates. html Easy 50% Commissions. #25 All Time For Youtube Views We Are Now Creating Exclusive Content For Members. One Time Payment Includes Lifetime Membership. This Product Is In High Demand.

3) Self Defense & Martial Arts Secrets!

Top Martial Arts Seller! - New Sales Letter Is Bringing Our Affiliates More Sales Alot Easier! Become One Today!

4) Renegade Mindset For Fighters.

Alternative Combat Sport Psychology For Mma, Martial Arts, Boxing Wrestling Etc. Hot Market And 75% Payouts!

5) Pressure Point & Dim Mak Secrets- 75% Commissions

Receive 75% Commissions on the secretive art of Dim Mak Pressure Points. Manuals, MP3s, and beautiful full color charts of the bodies pressure points. Videos coming soon. Hard copies have sold above 2% conversion with our other sites.

6) Never Be Nervous Before A Fight Again

Wintensity Is The First Provider Of Real Mental Preparation Training For The World Of M M A This Unique Mental Training Seminar Will Raise Your 'performance Under Pressure' To The Next Level And Ensure You Never Worry About Being Nervous Again

7) Street Combat Training - The Street Fight Academy

Highly effective street combat and self defense system! Learn how to fight and defend yourself in a real life street fight! Beautiful professionally written sales page - huge 75% commissions - extremely high quality product!

8) Aikijutsu Academy.

Learn The Martial Art Of The Samurai - 50% Recurring Commissions With This Excellent Membership Site. Earn Commissions Month After Month.

9) Mma Mind Power The Warrior In You Ufc Exposure

World's 1 Sports Psychology Hypnosis and Mind Coaching Audio Program For Mma Athletes Used By Ufc Fighters Elite Athletes High Comms Bonuses Highly Converting Page comprehensive Material This Program Is Proven To Help Greatly Improve Performance

10) Fight Bible

The Fight Bible Is Your Ultimate Guide To Street Fighting Mma And Other Combat Sports It Teaches Everything From How To Mentally Prepare For A Fight To Dealing With Broken Noses And Stab Wounds 25 Commision On An Easy Yet Satisfying Sell

Products 1-10 of 48
   Hint: Hover your mouse over to see a Preview of the Website...