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1) RiffMaster Pro Instantly Play Your Guitar Heros Riffs.

Slow Down Any Guitar solos or Riffs While Still Retaining The Original Pitch. You Can Loop Sections Of A Guitar Solo, Slow It Down.

2) Audacity Workshop Cut Your Editing In Half

Learn The Tips And Tricks It Takes To Save Time Recording Editing And Producing A Podcast Or Audiobook Performance With Audacity This Course Will Consist Of At Least Four Modules And Bonus Webinars From Leaders In The Podcasting Industry

3) Easy To Use Personal Finance Budgeting Software

We have designed an easy to use spreadsheet that allows you to track your daily, monthly, and yearly income and expenses quickly and easily.

4) Subconscious Mp3s - Subliminal Audio.

Improve Your Life In Auto Pilot With Our Subliminal, Mind Mending Audio Files.

5) Audio Sidemen

Audio Sidemen Consists Of 9 Different Specialized PC Audio Apps All Wrapped Up Into One Suite A Nice Companion Software Suite To Any Audio Editor And Or Recorder You Prefer To Use Compatible With Windows Xp Vista 7 8 And 10 32 And 64 bit

6) Touchpad FX Control Your Favorite Dj Software By Touch

Are You A Digital Dj Now You Can Take Advantage Of Your Mac Or PC Laptop's Built in Touchpad With A Simple Touch You Can Activate Effects Do Some Crazy Looping Or Turn The Filter Knob In Your Favorite Dj Software Like Traktor Virtual Dj Mixmeister

7) Roboverb

Roboverb By Kushview Is The Next Generation Of Futuristic Reverberation Allowing For A Wide Range Of Customizable Sounds Roboverb Can Take You From A Soft Hallway To An Authentic Robot Ready To Travel Space And Sound Waves With Just A Few Simple Clicks

8) 8 Hour Lucid Dream Inducing Sleep Album

Experience Lucid Dreams Inducted By This Four part Music Track That Uses A Complex Pattern Of Binaural Beat And Isochronic Tone Frequencies That Will Help You Get Good Sleep And Lucid Dreams Includes Reality check Sound Triggers And Dream Enhancers

9) 500 Royalty Free Music Audio Tracks For 15 Cents Each

Affiliates Earn Up To 120 sale With Multiple High Converting Upsells Why Spend 100 For Each Royalty Free Music Audio Tracks When You Can Get 500 Tracks For 1 Low Price

Products 1-9 of 9
   Hint: Hover your mouse over to see a Preview of the Website...