Author Topic: CB Tag Clouds and VRE Sites  (Read 1604 times)

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CB Tag Clouds and VRE Sites
« on: March 29, 2010, 09:10:07 AM »
There are dozens of VRE sites and CB Tag Clouds should work with all of them. Since there are so many different types, there is not one solution for them all.

If you have information on how to install them on YOUR VRE, please post the information here and share it with others who may have the same kind.

For example. I am not sure who's VRE this is, but I found a couple solutions.

1. Login to the VRE admin area
2. Select "Change Templates"
3. Add the cbTagClouds code in the first line of the section "Top Of The Page Data:"
4. Save
5. Clouds will appear before "Comments" on every article

Other ways to add Clouds to this VRE:

Add Clouds above or below the Amazon Ads
1. Open the "includes" folder
2. Edit the "amazon.php" file
3. Add the cbTagCLouds code before or after the amazon javascript.
4. Save

Add Clouds above, or in place of Adsense at the top of each article
1. Open the "includes" folder
2. Edit the the "adsensetop.php" file
3. Add the cbTagCLouds code before, or in place of, the Adsense javascript.
4. Save

1. You might have to change the "width" of your CbTagClouds to make them look right.
2. Never place the cbTagClouds code inside of a PHP code block: <?php    ?>. It should be in a native HTML section of the page.

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