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Hi, Tim Brechbill here, the creator of skaDoogle, and you heard me right... I said FREE. This isn't some try it for 30 days and bill you later deal either. I won't even ask for a credit card number. Use all of these amazing skaDoogle tools for as long as you want and *never give us a dime.


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Skadoogle messes with my mind every single day. I just love it. I pop into my daily email alert from Skadoogle, see what new products I can promote today. I retweet it to my Twitter account, grab the link and away I go. I can pick the products that suit my list or tickle my fancy and watch my clickbank account fill up everyday.

Everything is done for me. I call this the Less Work For Mother Site :)

Whether you are a newbie first starting out on the net or an old hand at marketing, you can't miss with skaDoogle.

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Jane Mark - "Sokule, Inc"    www.sokule.com

See the highlights below, or use the "Toolbox ==>" menu at the top of this page for more details on every tool in the skaDoogle Toolbox.

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Rake In Extra Profits From Any Niche Without Spending a Single Cent on Advertising or Sending Email! Here is just a sampling of all the awesome tools you get with skaDoogle...
  • skaDoogle Wordpress Site Builder
    The skaDoogle Wordpress Theme and Site Builder is without a doubt, the Fastest, and Easiest way to Build Fully Monetized Wordpress Niche Blogs - Complete with Content!

    You can literally build a new Wordpress Niche Blog, fully monetized, complete with posts, videos, products to sell, and future content scheduled to be drip fed, automatically for you - all in just minutes!
  • Daily New Product Alerts
    Stop wasting your time finding the best products to promote. When you sign up today for skaDoogle, you'll begin receiving FREE DAILY ALERTS showing you EVERY BRAND NEW PRODUCT that was listed at either of the ClickBank or PayDotCom affiliate networks within the last 24 hours - finally giving you a chance to be the first out of the gate to promote new products ! Imagine Tweeting and Posting from your blog, showing people the products that just launched THAT DAY!

    Start selling the Hottest New Products before your competition even knows they're online! Don't let the Big Dogs beat you to the punch ever again. Track *Rapidly Rising Stars, know EXACTLY when to Stop Promoting a Product, and more.
  • Link Sensor
    Automatically link keywords on your Website or Blog to Top Selling Clickbank and PayDotCom products thru skaDoogle that pay up to *80% Commissions! Skyrocket Your Clickbank Affiliate Paychecks By Auto-Converting Contextually Relevant Keywords on Your Web Pages and Blogs to Unobtrusive Profit-Generating Clickbank and PayDotCom Affiliate Links from skaDoogle!

    Let me try to demonstrate our skaDoogle Link Sense technology on the fly with your site. I don't know your content, so it might not work, but what the heck, give it a whirl:

  • Professional Link Cloaker and sooo much more
    THE Best Viral Link Cloaker on the market! Put YOUR Ad on top of ANY affiliate product you are promoting. Stop Internet Thieves from Stealing YOUR Affiliate Commissions. NO Installation - NO Configuration - NO Fancy Software or Programming. Double or even Triple your chance for a sale, by putting YOUR Ad on top of ANY affiliate product you are promoting. Check out these 2 examples:

    Blogging Pro     PLR Gangster

  • skaDoogle Ads
    skaDoogle has the First Ever Multilingual *3-tier Affiliate Ad System in 6 Languages with our exclusive
    Website Hover Previews. Build Your Own Personal Ads, & much more. Below is an image of a site using skaDoogle Ads.
  • skaDoogle Mall
    Get Your Own FREE skaDoogle Information *Mall In 6 Languages! Over 16,000 products that pay you BIG commissions. You can customize your site with YOUR picture.

    Every site is filled with hundreds of articles, completely monetized for you with skaDoogle Link Sense. See my own Information Mall for yourself.
  • Plugins
    Now Anyone Can Instantly *Plugin to the Global Marketplace. skaDoogle Plugins have our Exclusive
    Website on All Products. (Plugins are available for Wordpress, too!)

    Here is an example of a Menu Style Plugin in a Wordpress Right Sidebar for just the "Home & Family" Category

  • RSS Feeds
    Get awesome skaDoogle *RSS Widgets for your website or Blog
  • Thousands of Free Monetized Articles
    Get FREE Articles already monetized with skaDoogle *Link Sensor. Never publish static content again when you use these dynamic cash cows! Add them to your article sites, use them on your Blog or however you want, the choice is yours.

    Take a look at the dramatic difference skaDoogle can make with your articles in the Before and After example Here
  • Videos
    Our comprehensive set of promotional and instructional videos will show you how to monetize your website with skaDoogle, "Step-by-Step"
  • Niche100
    Get *100% Commissions on Niche100 Products from skaDoogle, already Personalized With YOUR Picture, personal recommendation, and custom signature! No Product to download, website to modify, or PayPal buttons to set-up. Just promote and rake in the cash! Commissions are paid instantly to your PayPal account.
  • skaTweets
    Find and Tweet Top Selling Products on Clickbank and PayDotCom in seconds. You can even set-up Automatic Tweets of NEW Products from any category of your choice, on The Day They Show Up in the Marketplace! Do it once and never touch it again! While other people are looking for new products, you will already have been Tweeting about them.
  • Approved 3rd Party Products
    We can promote YOUR skaDoogle Product on this page. See all of our skaDoogle Approved 3rd Party Products that we know can help build your business, like

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